Owner & funding institutions

The museum is owned by the non-profit organisation Museum Arbeitswelt, consisting of the founding members (owners) – the City of Steyr, the Upper Austrian Chamber of Labour and the Austrian Trade Union Federation – as well as 200 individual members.
Board of the Museum Arbeitswelt 2014-2017
Chairperson: Ingrid Weixlberger Vice-chairpersons: Erich Schwarz, Sepp Wall-Strasser, Markus Vogl Secretary: Gerda Weichsler-Hauer Treasurer: Othmar Friedl Managing director: Katrin Auer
Scientific advisory bodies form part of the organisation and advise the museum on its scientific orientation. Our members are especially important as they support the museum’s ongoing operations through their contributions.
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Funding institutions
Bundesministerium für Bildung
Land OÖ Sozialressort
Kultur Stadt Steyr
Arbeiterkammer OÖ