Foto: Klaus Pichler

When we think of work, we mainly think of factories, offices, machines, tools, managers, computers, energy, raw materials, and people working. All those things are visible. But how, why, and with what feelings those people work, what challenges them and stresses them, what work gives and what it forces – that is invisible.

The exhibition narrates how the world of work has changed over the past 150 years – and how working people have reacted to that. It also provides an insight in what awaits us in the digital age. The retrospective should help to develop strategies for the future, and the outlook should help to identify limits.
The exhibition shows stories of obstinacy, resistance, co-operation, and motivation, of team spirit, identity, and pride, but also of stress, fear, overburdening, and helplessness. All the above are the essence of work and are made visible for the first time in the new exhibition Work is invisible.
Topics: Industrialization | Primary Production | Working conditions | Social Movements | Democracy | Working time | Rationalization | Digitization | Industry 4.0
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Pictures of the exhibition (Fotos: Klaus Pichler)

Ausstellung: Arbeit ist unsichtbar Foto: Klaus Pichler


Using the CapitoApp, the exhibition is also available in English. You can download the App on GooglePlay and AppStore.
It is important to us that we are a museum for as many people as possible.
Using grants from the EU project COME-IN! from the Interreg Central Europe programme and the Federal Chancellery of the Republic of Austria, we have come a big step closer to this objective.
Within the exhibition, you will encounter aids making the contents accessible to as many visitors as possible.
Exhibits in the exhibition include:
  • Tactile elements
  • Texts in easily comprehensible language (LLA2)
  • Videos in Austrian sign language
  • Texts in English
To get this information, please download the capito app to your smartphone. Every time you see a QR code in the exhibiton, you will get assistance.
The capito app provides you with easily understandable explanations: search the App Store for “capito – Leicht Lesen”
Install and open the capito app
Scan QR code and understand
A QR code has a square shape
A QR code consists of many small black and white squares
If anything is unclear or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!
We wish you an interesting and barrier-free visit to the “Arbeit ist unsichtbar” exhibition.
Opening Hours
Museum Arbeitswelt
Tuesday to Sunday from 9am to 5pm
14th March to 22nd December 2019
Harald Welzer (scientific director)
Robert Misik (editorial director)
Gerhard Abel, Waltraud Ertl | Planet Architects
Christoph Mayer CHM
Katharina Höfler, Michael Atteneder | Atteneder Graphic Design

Das Wesentliche an der Arbeit ist unsichtbar – Die bisher nicht erzählte Geschichte, Gegenwart und Zukunft der Arbeit Robert Misik, Christine Schörkhuber, Harald Welzer (Hrsg.) Picus Verlag, Wien 2018