The Museum Arbeitswelt opened 30 years ago. A special birthday is an occasion to reflect on what has been achieved so far, what went well and what could be improved, what the future might hold in store and in what kind of world we would like to live. Our exhibition programme is meant to reflect this “30s” feeling:

SUPERSOCIAL!? aims at making us aware of how important our social network is. Our workload is increasing, we are getting older, we are concerned about our pensions and job security. At 30, there is no way around the question of questions: are we ready for kids? As far as our museum is concerned, we have found an answer: yes, we are definitely ready!
The exhibition titled Welcome@HotelGlobal is designed for children and families. As of 28 May, it will shed light on our tasks as a global community in a playful manner.
What should the world that our children will grow up in be like? How can we live together when we are so different from one another? The Tunnel of Memory stirringly shows what seemingly simple solutions can lead to in times of insecurity.

These three exhibitions help us look at the future with courage and optimism, learn from the past and work together in tackling the challenges of the present so that we can look forward to the next 30 years.



Tunnel of Memory