Labour 1.0 to 4.0

New permanent exhibition

How will we work in the future?

Faced with the digitalisation of everyday and work life, we have been discussing this question intensely for quite some time. Related concepts such as “Industry 4.0” offer new opportunities for people and society, but also entail huge risks.

The new exhibition is designed to spark a debate on this issue. Its central focus lies on the changes that the world of labour is going through. In the past, these changes rarely ever followed a master plan – which was also due to the fact that humans are capable of adjusting individually to the givens of their surroundings and altering them creatively. The exhibition shines a light on this ability, presenting it as a historic force of productivity. It tells a tale of solidarity, imagination, stubbornness, capability, improvisation and resistance as central aspects of successful change. It also tells an invisible story that particularly aims to be a story for today.

Together with a project team consisting of several members from Austria and Germany, we are currently developing this exhibition led and designed by the sociologist Harald Welzer. It will open in May 2018.