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The Museum Arbeitswelt offers many exciting programmes for children.
There’s so much to explore!

An interactive adventure for little globetrotters

Opens 28 May 2017
Check in and experience “HotelGlobal”! Children from age 7 and families start their journeys of discovery here. Who is staying in Room 7 or 10? What is going on in the kitchen? And whose suitcase is this? It’s so heavy! Just step through the doors and embark on an adventurous journey around the globe: equipped with a passport you will meet a lot of interesting hotel guests. Find out how people live and work around the world and how everything is connected.
The exhibition is accompanied by a diverse event programme (all events are held in German).

Further information on the exhibition

Children’s University Steyr

Every year, the Museum Arbeitswelt hosts the Children’s University Steyr. 2017 we will participate with the course “Der Arbeit auf der Spur” (“Following the traces of work”; held on 30 August; course in German language).

Please register at: Children’s University Steyr – Following the traces of work (website in German)


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