One of the most impor­tant objec­tives of our muse­um is to chron­i­cle the his­to­ry of work­ing peo­ple in and around Steyr. In this, we focus on a pho­to and doc­u­ment archive as well as a col­lec­tion of videos relat­ing to the var­i­ous exhi­bi­tion top­ics. Due to space con­straints, we can only store a very lim­it­ed num­ber of three-dimen­sion­al objects that are close­ly asso­ci­at­ed with our exhibitions.

The pho­to archive counts more than 10,000 pic­tures with a focus on Steyr. Most pic­tures relate to the field of social and eco­nom­ic his­to­ry. The doc­u­ment archive con­tains over 2,000 files, the major­i­ty of which is made up of per­son­al doc­u­ments from people’s work life. More­over, we have a large semi-pub­lic spe­cialised library and video archive.



Sup­port the muse­um with vol­un­teer work, dona­tions and your mem­ber­ship. Help us to col­lect his­to­ry and send us your pic­tures, expe­ri­ences and sto­ries by email at You are also wel­come to hand over the col­lect­ed items, doc­u­ments and objects direct­ly to us. Con­tact us, we look for­ward to your sto­ries and ideas to the his­to­ry of work!



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