Owner & fun­ding institutions


The museum is owned by the non-pro­fit orga­ni­sa­tion Museum Arbeits­welt, con­sis­ting of the foun­ding mem­bers (owners) – the City of Steyr, the Upper Aus­trian Cham­ber of Labour and the Aus­trian Trade Union Fede­ra­tion – as well as 200 indi­vi­dual members.

Board of the Museum Arbeits­welt 2020–2023 
Chair­per­son: Ingrid Weixlber­ger
Vice-chair­per­sons: Sepp Wall-Stras­ser, Andreas Brich
Secretary: Gerda Weichs­ler-Hauer
Vice-Secretary: Rein­hard Kauf­mann
Finan­cial Con­sul­tant: Chris­toph Jung­wirth
Finan­cial Manage­ment: Maria Voge­ser-Kalt
Cul­tu­ral Manage­ment: Ste­phan Rosinger



Sci­en­ti­fic advi­sory bodies form part of the orga­ni­sa­tion and advise the museum on its sci­en­ti­fic ori­en­ta­tion. Our mem­bers are espe­cially important as they sup­port the museum’s ongo­ing ope­ra­ti­ons through their contributions.
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Fun­ding Institutions 

City of Steyr

City of Steyr

Aus­trian Federal Minis­try of Edu­ca­tion, Sci­ence and Research

Upper Aus­trian Cham­ber of Labour

(pro­duc­tion union)