The Museum Arbeits­welt has par­ti­ci­pa­ted in the EU pro­ject COME-IN! since the sum­mer of 2016.

It is important to us to be a museum for ever­yone. This is why we are espe­cially happy to take part in a cross-coun­try EU pro­ject that ser­ves as an umbrella for various cul­tu­ral sites aiming to broadly inter­pret and con­sist­ently imple­ment accessibility.


On the project

COME-IN! Coope­ra­ting for Open Access to Museums –
towards a widEr INclusion
The aim is to make muse­ums in Europe more acces­si­ble to people with dif­fe­rent kinds of disa­bi­li­ties. The pro­ject is fun­ded through a 2.7‑million-euro con­tri­bu­tion by the Inter­reg CENTRAL EUROPE pro­gramme. COME-IN! is envi­sa­ged to result in con­crete impro­ve­ments regar­ding acces­si­bi­lity at indi­vi­dual muse­ums and, among other things, gui­de­li­nes on the acces­si­bi­lity of exhi­bi­ti­ons and collec­tions. A manual for museum staff is also in the pipeline.
Pro­ject dura­tion: 1 July 2016 through 30 June 2019
Find cur­rent pic­tures at the project’s Face­book page and the pro­ject web­site


Mag. Martin Hagmayr

Mag. Mar­tin Hagmayr

Press, com­mu­nity buil­ding, events, education

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