Lis­ten, see, think, dis­cuss, par­ti­ci­pate – this is how people of all ages expe­ri­ence the Museum Arbeits­welt: as a place where mem­bers of civil society come tog­e­ther to learn. This buil­ding that was once a pro­duc­tion site for gun parts has become a place for exch­an­ging know­ledge, expe­ri­ence, per­spec­ti­ves and ideas. Enab­ling com­mu­ni­ca­tion with and wit­hin ongo­ing exhi­bi­ti­ons is espe­cially important to us. We offer various oppor­tu­nities for such an exchange tailo­red to your indi­vi­dual inte­rests: events, work­shops, syn­op­tic and sub­ject-spe­ci­fic gui­ded tours, family events, work­shop talks, sto­ry­tel­ling cafés and much more. Par­ti­cu­larly for schools, our museum offers uni­que tea­ching opportunities.

Please be advi­sed that cur­r­ently, only gui­ded tours are offe­red in Eng­lish. Spe­cial work­shops and events are usually held in German.

Exhi­bi­tion tours
Gui­ded tours through the com­me­mo­ra­ting site Tun­nel of Memory.
Group tours upon request.
Dura­tion: 60–90 minu­tes
Costs per per­son: EUR 7,50 (inclu­sive ent­rance fee per person)
Neigh­bour­hood tour | The trench: yesterday’s world of industry
This tour leads you through the trench with its his­to­ric indus­trial rem­nants and pic­tures­que canals. In the 19th cen­tury, this part of the city coun­ted among the hubs of indus­tria­li­sa­tion in Cen­tral Europe. People came from all over to work in Steyr, the “Aus­trian Man­ches­ter”. This period, clo­sely tied to indus­trial pioneer Josef Werndl, the Aus­trian arms fac­tory and its work­force of at times more than 10,000 employees, has left a las­ting influ­ence that can still be felt today. The tour clo­sely fol­lows the traces of the period’s prot­ago­nists. It starts and ends at the museum buil­ding, form­erly Object XI of the arms factory.
Group tours upon request.
Dura­tion: 90 minu­tes
Costs per per­son: EUR 4,00
Neigh­bour­hood tour | Traces of memory: Steyr 1938–1945
A gui­ded tour focu­sing on natio­nal socia­lism and the cul­ture of com­me­mo­ra­tion in Steyr.
This city tour shi­nes a light on sites with a natio­nal socia­list past in Steyr and focu­ses on the ques­ti­ons of how the city dealt with its natio­nal socia­list history after 1945, which traces of the cul­ture of remem­brance can be detec­ted in public space today and in how far aspects of Steyr’s history are sym­pto­ma­tic for the way Aus­tria has dealt with its history. Ide­ally this city tour is com­bi­ned with a visit of the Tun­nel of Memory.
Group tours upon request.
Dura­tion: 90 minu­tes
Costs per group: EUR 4,00
Family & Kids

The Museum Arbeits­welt offers many exci­ting pro­gram­mes for child­ren.
There’s so much to explore!

We offer a varied pro­gram for our small rese­ar­chers. This inclu­des exhi­bi­tion explo­ra­ti­ons, work­shops, city tours and quiz-ral­lies. Our new child-friendly and inter­ac­tive exhi­bi­tion invi­tes people on a jour­ney into the past. You will meet people from the 19th cen­tury and they will show you how live was back then.
The exhi­bi­tion is accom­pa­nied by a diverse event pro­gramme (all events are – in principle – held in German).
Poli­ti­cal Education
We can­not take demo­cracy for gran­ted. It requi­res hard work and we have to live, pre­serve, and, if necessary, fight for it. This is espe­cially true in times when demo­cracy is under pressure.
Demo­cracy is also the only con­sti­tu­tio­nally estab­lis­hed form of society that needs to be con­stantly taught. Our museum’s poli­ti­cal work­shop offers a large variety of lear­ning oppor­tu­nities for stu­dents and appren­ti­ces. Design ele­ments such as a par­lia­men­tary rostrum, lec­tern, pol­ling booth and media stu­dio pro­vide an ent­i­cing lear­ning envi­ron­ment that not only ser­ves to con­vey know­ledge, but to prompt young people to prac­tise demo­cra­tic par­ti­ci­pa­tion and be pre­pa­red to act responsibly.
All work­shops are (in principle) held in German.

Infor­ma­tion for Indi­vi­du­ally sche­du­led tours

Maxi­mum group size for all tours on offer: 20 per­sons
Please regis­ter in a timely man­ner:
+43 7252 77351–0,

Pay­ment methods: cash on site or per invoice after the tour.
Can­cel­la­tion con­di­ti­ons: Can­cel­la­ti­ons are not char­ged until 4 pm of the day before; for later can­cel­la­ti­ons, a fee of EUR 40 per group will be char­ged.
If the group arri­ves late, the tour has to be shor­tened by the respec­tive time.


Ope­ning Hours

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