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Experience guided tours through the Museum Arbeitswelt and the Tunnel of Memory as well as city tours beyond the walls of the former factory that today hosts the museum.

Exhibition tours
Guided tours through the museum exhibitions or the commemorating site Tunnel of Memory.
Group tours upon request.
Duration: 60-90 minutes
Costs per group: EUR 60 + entrance fee per person
Guided tours in English: EUR 70 + entrance fee per person
Neighbourhood tour | The trench: yesterday’s world of industry
This tour leads you through the trench with its historic industrial remnants and picturesque canals. In the 19th century, this part of the city counted among the hubs of industrialisation in Central Europe. People came from all over to work in Steyr, the “Austrian Manchester”. This period, closely tied to industrial pioneer Josef Werndl, the Austrian arms factory and its workforce of at times more than 10,000 employees, has left a lasting influence that can still be felt today. The tour closely follows the traces of the period’s protagonists. It starts and ends at the museum building, formerly Object XI of the arms factory.
Group tours upon request.
Duration: 90 minutes
Costs per group: EUR 70
Neighbourhood tour | Traces of memory: Steyr 1938-1945
A guided tour focusing on national socialism and the culture of commemoration in Steyr.
This city tour shines a light on sites with a national socialist past in Steyr and focuses on the questions of how the city dealt with its national socialist history after 1945, which traces of the culture of remembrance can be detected in public space today and in how far aspects of Steyr’s history are symptomatic for the way Austria has dealt with its history. Ideally this city tour is combined with a visit of the Tunnel of Memory.
Group tours upon request.
Duration: 90 minutes
Costs per group: EUR 70
Guided Tours in English
Guided tours in English for groups upon request
Duration: 90 minutes
Costs per group: EUR 70
Fees for tours through the museum or the Tunnel do not include the entrance fee (per person).

Maximum group size for all tours on offer: 25 persons
Please register in a timely manner:
+43 7252 77351-0,
Payment methods: cash on site or per invoice after the tour.
Cancellation conditions: Cancellations are not charged until 4 pm of the day before; for later cancellations, a fee of EUR 40 per group will be charged.
If the group arrives late, the tour has to be shortened by the respective time.

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